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Foundations of Eyewash/Safety Shower Protection

Do whatever is needed to ensure a clear pathway to the eyewash/shower unit. No stacks of junk, excess storage, or trash bins should interfere. By Linda J. Sherrard Eyewash and safety shower emergency assistance is at hand. Your safety program may have it all — the latest in PPE, new and improved chemicals, storage and removal … Continue reading »

New Wrinkles in Hand Protection

Glove manufacturers are addressing the need for gloves affording higher dexterity. When it comes to the industrial workplace, hand protection is a critical part of personal safety. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries to the hand, wrist, and finger account for the second-highest (23 percent) number of workplace injuries, with approximately 110,000 … Continue reading »

What’s Up in PPE? More Fit Testing

An offering on display during this week’s Safety 2012 conference brings the concept of fit testing to yet another PPE category. Jun 07, 2012 DENVER –- ASSE’s annual conference is a great place to find out what’s happening in PPE, and this year’s Safety 2012 event was no exception. The expo set a new record … Continue reading »

WorkSafeBC crackdown on Safety Apparel – Are you wearing right?

A construction site worker written up by WorkSafeBC for wearing a high visibility safety vest that was black. WorkSafeBC is very clear about the safety apparel approved for wear in every situation. In every case, the colour choices are clear: G8.24 High Visibility Apparel Issued August 1, 1999; Editorial Revision April 2005 Type 1 – Vest, shirt … Continue reading »

My First Confined Space Experience

By Dave D. Wagner For those of us who work for manufacturers of gas monitoring instruments, “confined space” is a term that we use and discuss frequently. But when it comes right down to it, most of us have never seen the inside of a confined space firsthand nor experienced a true confined space entry. … Continue reading »

“It’ll never happen to me!” The Workplace Tragedy

Video Below Too often we see fines doled out to companies for safety violations. Even in companies with proper training and gear readily provided and easily accessible this happens. The reason usually comes down to individual choice of a worker to cut a few corners. Nothing will happen now. We secretly pray something unconsciously and … Continue reading »

Safety Culture Requires Us to Lead by Example

The “do as I say, not as I do” approach is not an effective method of leading, particularly when working to improve an organization’s safety culture. In order to establish an effective safety culture, senior management must lead by example. Culture is the atmosphere created by shared beliefs, shared attitudes, practices and a philosophy that … Continue reading »

Blitz Targets Personal Protective Equipment

Ontario will focus on personal protective equipment during an enforcement blitz at workplaces across Ontario. In October, Ministry of Labour inspectors will check on head, eye, foot, respiratory and other protection worn or used by workers at industrial and health care workplaces. They will check that the equipment is: the appropriate choice for protection used … Continue reading »

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