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Practical Safety Solutions When Travelling for Work

HAMILTON, ON (December 1, 2011) – The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed a new e-course that focuses on safety issues and travel incidents that may arise when travelling for work purposes.

“When an employee is sent off-site, including abroad, for business, that location becomes their workplace,” says Chris Moore, Manager, Training and Education Services at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

The Travel Safety for Canadian Businesses e-course, will provide participants with an introduction to duty of care requirements, basic threat and risk analysis steps, components of a travel risk management program, solutions to increase safety for travelers and how to deal with safety incidents.

Topics will include: duty of care requirements and Canadian legislation; duty of care and risk analysis; organizational and individual preparation and how to deal with an incident and post-incident support.

“We wanted to create this course to educate workers and their employers about personal safety, security measures and conducting travel risk assessments when working off-site for business,” says Moore.

Travel Safety for Canadian Businesses e-course was developed in collaboration with Integrated Human Risk Solutions (iHRS). All e-courses by CCOHS are available in English and French. They are developed by experts in the field and reviewed by labour, employer and government representatives. There are quizzes throughout and a certificate of completion is issued upon passing the exam. Case studies, quizzes, and an “ask a question” option are also featured.

More information about the courses, pricing and how to register is available on the CCOHS website: www.ccohs.ca/products/courses/travel/.

Source: Canada News Centre


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