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Workplace Alcohol And Drug Resource Package

Practical Advice and Tools for Dealing with Alcohol, Drugs and Other Causes of Poor Worker Performance

“Tim had been a foreman with Salmon Logging for 10 years now and he often said that there was no problem that he couldn’t fix. Until now. Over the last few years, Bob had become one of the best and most dependable drivers in the fleet. Cheerful, never late and always with a good idea for making things a bit safer or more efficient. Lately though, something was wrong with Bob. Tim chalked it up to problems at home but with the repeated missed days and fights with the loaderman, there had to be something more. A few of the other truckers had made some jokes about booze and drugs. Tim started to think that there may be something to it and now he had to find out what was going on….

This tool has been developed to help employers in the forest industry create and implement an effective program to deal with alcohol and drug issues in their workplace. Many of us recognize the potential for serious safety incidents that can result from the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, but there is uncertainty on what the next step is in developing policies and procedures to deal with the problem.

This package will provide the background information and planning tools needed to take that next step in developing a successful program. Links to additional resources will be provided for those requiring more detailed information on specific topics.”

Visit BC Forest Safety Council for the download.


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