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Confined Spaces

Brady’s Visual Confined Space Procedures Provide an Effective Compliance with OSHA’s CFR for Permit Required Confined Spaces

Brady’s G-CSP solution is presented in a worker-friendly, visually-instructive format that ensures hazardous and potentially hazardous confined spaces are always entered properly and safely.

Brady’s service professionals will visit your facility to audit the confined- and potentially-confined spaces in your facilities. Brady then develops the visual procedures that will provide for safe entry. These documented procedures include:

  • Identification of hazards and potential hazards.
  • Visual images locating the hazards which may be present.
  • A listing of all required equipment and safety devices necessary to enter a confined space.
  • Documentation of methods to protect employees from confined space hazards.
  • Verifications to ensure that authorized entrants are safe to enter and work in confined spaces.
  • Specific confined space procedures are produced for each of your identified confined spaces; providing both full compliance with OSHA and best safety practices.

Contacting your Safety Supplier, you’ll be able to connect with a Brady Representative who will help your company with compliance and safety for Confined Spaces.


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