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All moved in? Put safety first

Invest in a good first aid kit and know what to do if the smoke detector goes off

The new home is lovely, the neighbours are great, and you want it all to stay that way. There are a few things you can do.

Think about safety, for starters. Everyone in the household can contribute to home safety. Children can learn how to deal properly with cuts and scrapes, and understand indoor and outdoor safety basics, advises Kolby Walters, provincial manager of training for St. John Ambulance. “Don’t focus on the really big stuff,” but be sure they know where the first aid kit is kept and talk about how and when to call 911, for example.

Invest in a well-stocked first aid kit for the new house, and go through the contents from time to time to make sure it’s all there and all is usable – from small and large bandages to rubber gloves.

St. John Ambulance offers first aid kits of all kinds. Basic first aid training takes a day, while CPR is about a half-day. “Everybody should know it,” says Walters.

When it comes to fire safety, acting city fire marshal Bob Hrsak recommends families do fire drills at least once a year. That way everyone knows the exits to use and has a muster point – an outside meeting place where the family can gather and ensure everyone’s out safely.

Some things to go over as a family: . Know what to do if the smoke detector goes off;

Source: Vancouver Sun


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