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Public Safety

Public Safety: Take a fire safety and extinguisher use course

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services offers fire and life safety training courses for groups, organizations, and individuals. Their courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on experience extinguishing a real fire, supervised by Vancouver firefighters.

The courses are inclusive, supportive and fun. Participate in the course, and earn a certificate.

Course topics

Previous experience in any of these areas is not required.

Fire protection

Fire safety and prevention

Fire extinguisher training

  • What is fire?
  • Classifications of fire
  • Leading causes of fire
  • Making the right decision
  • Reporting an emergency
  • Smoke alarms really do save lives!
  • Evacuation plans to keep your family alive
  • Types of portable fire extinguishers
  • Practical fire extinguisher operation

Host the course at your location

Many businesses and groups ask about hosting the fire and life safety training course at their own work site to minimize staff downtime. They will evaluate your work location to find out which components may be taught at your location.

Visit the City of Vancouver – Take a fire safety and extinguisher use course for the original text and contact details.

Or, use the contact details provided to speak to their instructor directly.

Public Relations and Education,
Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services
900 Heatley Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6A 3S7

Phone: 604-665-6011


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