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Development of an Instrument for Evaluating the Factors Influencing Long-Term Sick Leave Attributable to Mental Health Problems


Mental health problems are increasing in companies. And even if we know better how to prevent them, little is being done to facilitate the return to work of affected people. A reduction in the symptoms associated with these disorders has no impact on a return to work, as indicated by recent studies.

This tends to confirm that the disability associated with such a state of health constitutes a complex multifactorial phenomenon. Few investigations have specifically evaluated the predictive factors and the obstacles to the resumption of occupational activities in these cases. The research team, by basing itself on a proven approach, will develop a tool for evaluating obstacles to a return to work of workers with mental disorders, called Diagnosis of the work handicap situation (DWHS). The prototype of the DWHS thus produced will be based on evidence, and the feasibility of its use in a return-to-work process will be tested. This tool is a first in this field and can be used by clinicians and researchers who interact with workers absent from work due to a mental health problem.

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Source: IRSST


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