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On-site safety being reinforced: construction safety group

Both accidents in the past couple of days involved dump trucks

Two deaths in two days in the Lower Mainland have left the construction industry rattled.

Both accidents involved dump trucks. One worker was crushed to death by gravel at a cement plant in South Vancouver; the other died after being run over in Delta.

Mike McKenna with the BC Construction Safety Alliance says the big risk around dump trucks is they have to back into sites to dump material so they can exit properly.

“So, one of the biggest things that we look at is ensuring that drivers are aware of what’s behind them and also ensuring that all the workers on-site have their heads on a swivel when there are dump trucks around,” he explains.

He says construction drivers drivers are trained to ensure there are no obstacles, particularly human obstacles behind them.

Summer heat is always a concern; McKenna tells us they recently did a site visit, focusing on the signs and symptoms of heat stress.

“We handed out these things called Chill-Its, which are basically pieces of cloth that you soak in water, put underneath the hardhat. It’s to keep your head cool for long periods of time,” he notes.

Along with the heat, McKenna believes there are ( read the full story … )

Source: News 1130


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