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Idea Share: Co-op Cash to Buy Defibrillators Boosts First-Aid Training for Sheriff’s Cadets

TheLedger.com reports a story about a purchase of automated external defibrillators (AED) via seeking a grant. AED’s have been proven in the field as life savers and life changing devices. They’re becoming recognized and many organizations already have one or more in their company locations to provide a measure of protection and security for their employees well-being and company visitors. Just look at the statistics about heart attacks and strokes.

Read the full story following the excerpt below. See if you can secure funding in your locale through local, regional, all the way up to federal governments and charitable organizations. What a great idea.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post found out recently that if you ask for something, you just might get it — and maybe a little bit more.

“The Sheriff’s Office sought a grant of nearly $6,800 to buy one defibrillator and offset the cost of first-aid training,” said Mark Sellers, director of communications for Peace River Electric, a Wauchula-based cooperative that provides service in 10 Florida counties, including Polk. “The board felt so strongly about the project’s potential for saving lives, they increased the grant by $1,000 for an additional defibrillator.”

These two defibrillators, will be used in the Explorer program for ( read full story … )

Source: TheLedger.com


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