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Professional Resources to Kick Off Mental Health Week May 7-13, 2012

Resources to help you understand and promote mental health in your workplace.

The workplace can have a significant impact on individuals’ health, safety and overall well being. More than ever the traditional view of workplace health and safety has been replaced with a comprehensive approach to include the total well being and mental health of employees, also referred to as psychological health and safety.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has created a full section on their website that provides information and links to credible resources that can help workplaces effectively address mental health issues with the aim of improving workplace mental health for all.

Healthy Minds at Work can help workplaces increase their understanding and recognition of mental health issues at work, address existing issues, develop and implement effective approaches to promoting mental health at work, and find quality resources and tools on a range of related topics.

Visit CCOHS Healthy Minds @ Work


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