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Bio Med Wash a new alternative in eye wash

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies, with decades of research in the field of water, introduced a new eyewash product called Bio Med Wash. The sole ingredient is the company’s trade-secret Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade water, a pH-balanced water that is naturally pure, non-allergenic, 100% safe for external application, and a proven natural moisturizer for skin and eyes. Bio Med Wwash® is dispensed as a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water.

What is Tissue-Culture Grade Water?

Tissue-culture grade water is high-grade water with no impurities or contaminants. To be considered tissue culture grade, water is tested for the ability to support cell growth and maintenance in the laboratory when used to reconstitute cell growth medium. The pH of tissue-culture grade water should be between 5.7 and 7.0. Inorganic minerals, essential for cell growth, must be presenting minute quantities. Organic matter is absent, including natural and man-made organic molecules such as proteins, pesticides, herbicides, tannins and detergents. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and algae are absent, as are organic breakdown products. The water is endotoxin free.

Bio Med Wash Tissue-Culture Standard

Bio-Logic Aqua Absolute Premium Standard™ tissue culture grade water (Trade Secret) meets or surpasses the above criteria and has a natural pH of 6.4. Due to a rare combination of purity, a slightly acidic pH, and an ideal mineral nutrient content, Bio-Logic Aqua is quickly and beneficially absorbed by damaged tissue.

Feedback from the Field

Safety Distributors report end-user stories and testimonials yield positive reviews for the eyewash product Bio Med Wash. One concrete worker reported having had occasion many times to use eyewash. Having used traditional saline bottles, he describes the pain and discomfort due to ingredients that burn the eye. With Bio Med Wash eyewash, he found it almost imperceptible to his senses over the pain or discomfort the debris in his eye was causing. He also experienced the hospital eyecup saline flush with a tube that continuously feeds saline in and through the eyecup suctioned to his eye. With Bio Med Wash patented spray mist, the effectiveness and ease of use determined this eyewash the winner for their company. They bought 40 bottles.

The Big Difference to a Company: The Dollars & Sense

Bio Med Wash differentiates itself on the eyewash market in other ways as well. With a four-year shelf-life, Bio Med Wash is an eyewash product that will dramatically reduce eyewash maintenance costs for many companies that currently use traditional saline eyewash stations and bottles as their secondary eyewash. Sealed, they typically carry a maximum shelf-life of two-years. Once opened and put into service on an eyewash station, that drops dramatically. Most manufacturers recommend changing it every month, as do many policies and regulations. Risk-management companies suggest it be changed weekly. Once used, any unused portion must also be disposed of, the eyewash station bottle cleaned and sterilized, and a new saline eyewash put into service.

Bio Med Wash, comparable cost in set-up for an eyewash station, has a significantly lower-cost-of-ownership through the four-year savings in eyewash maintenance programs.

With Bio Med Wash, once the eyewash station is mounted on the wall, check and record the expiry date on the eyewash bottles. A monthly inspection is still strongly recommended, to ensure that neither of the eyewash bottles has been activated, easily seen by visually confirming if the safety-tab on the spray-actuator is absent. If absent, replace the eyewash bottle so there is always a full eyewash bottle at the disposal of an injured worker seeking emergency eyewash treatment.

The activated eyewash bottle of Bio Med Wash may still have only been half-used. Due to the design of the product containment and dispensing, the sterility remains unaffected and may be put into a first aid room or first aid kit. Bio Med Wash is clearly labeled and completely appropriate to be used in other ways as both a first aid spray and eye & skin rinse.

For more details:

  • In Canada, visit Bio Med Wash Canada
  • In United States, and International, visit Bio Med Wash

Product Feedback

Bio Med Wash appears to offer quite a lot in a unique product and package. Safety Lives would like to hear your own first-hand experiences with eyewash products.

  • Have you used any traditional saline eyewash products?
  • Have you tried Bio Med Wash?
  • What is your experience with either of them?


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