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Violence in Healthcare

  In the healthcare setting, workplace violence may occur in many forms including: an active shooter, a disruptive patient, or as ongoing incivility from a colleague. The most commonly reported form of violence in healthcare is from the disruptive patient or patient’s family member. In 2013, healthcare workers reported an estimated 9,200 workplace violence incidents … Continue reading »

A Story of Impact….

  It starts with an agency wanting to better protect its workers from hearing loss. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a non-regulatory federal agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that conducts measurement research, develops technological standards and performs other important functions. NIST was upgrading the hearing conservation program for its … Continue reading »

Taiwanese farm workers’ pesticide knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and clothing practices

The purpose of this study was to assess Taiwanese fruit farm workers’ knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and clothing practices regarding pesticide activities. Seventy-seven fruit farm workers from four districts of Tainan City, Taiwan completed the questionnaire. Results indicated that farmer workers had a good overall level of knowledge of the adverse effects of pesticides on human … Continue reading »

Workplace Medical Mystery Solved: Blurry vision affects a print press operator

It turns out Jim wasn’t the only one at work with vision problems (see mystery). To his surprise, Jim discovered almost all of his co-workers who worked the line with him at the label production plant had experienced some sort of vision problems over the last year—including changes in vision, blurred vision or irritation. Once … Continue reading »

To Serve and Protect

Steve Horvath, President and CEO at CCOHS To Serve and Protect. This is a simple but powerful statement displayed on police cruisers, and yet I think I’ve taken it for granted – a realization I made while attending a conference hosted by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP). Two hundred and fifty representatives … Continue reading »

Aircrew Safety & Health

Aircrew job hazards have changed over the years, from cigarette smoke on flights to heightened safety concerns as a result of 9/11. Aircrew, including pilots and flight attendants, experience the mental and physical stress of the job as well as potential hazards, such as cosmic radiation, communicable disease, and pesticides.Here you can learn more about … Continue reading »

Workplace Medical Mystery:Blurry vision affects a print press operator

  At first it was only an annoyance. Jim thought it would go away. Then it became dangerous. Jim works at a big printing company that produces labels for consumer products. If you have a can of motor oil in your garage or a jar of hair mousse in your bathroom cabinet, chances are the … Continue reading »

The international contribution to occupational health research

Objective: The importance of international occupational health research is established in achieving the World Health Organization’s vision of “occupational health for all”. The aim of this short communication is to describe the geographical distribution of research published in leading occupational health journals.Methods: Seven leading occupational health journals were identified, based on citation rates and impact … Continue reading »

L’Anses présente ses priorités de travail pour 2015

Cette année est synonyme d’un élargissement du champ de compétences avec une nouvelle mission pour l’Anses : la délivrance des autorisations de mise sur le marché des produits phytopharmaceutiques, matières fertilisantes et supports de culture à compter de juillet 2015. Parmi les nouveaux défis à relever : la mise en place d’un dispositif spécifique de … Continue reading »

Long-haul Truck Driver Health Survey Results

  The most recent issue of CDC Vital Signs highlights a few of the safety risks faced by truck drivers. Truck drivers also face health risks that can affect their livelihood. Limited illness and injury data for long-haul truck drivers prompted the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to conduct the National Survey of … Continue reading »

WorkSafeBC Review and Action Plan Implementation Status Report Update

WorkSafeBC has fully implemented 23 recommendations of the WorkSafeBC Review and Action Plan, which was prepared by WorkSafeBC special adviser Gordon Macatee in July 2014. In addition, eight more recommendations are in progress and are on track to be completed as scheduled. Source: http://www.worksafebc.com/news_room/news_releases/2015/new_15_02_25.asp Like this:Like Loading…IRSST for occupational heath and safety

Occupational Exposures to New Drycleaning Solvents

Drycleaning There are about 36,000 commercial drycleaning shops in the United States. Most are owner-operated small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. In addition, some drycleaning shops may be owned and staffed by individuals with limited English language skills and/or may be marginally profitable– factors that may create additional barriers for the owner-operator to maintain a … Continue reading »

L'état de la France et du travail dans les 25 prochaines années selon le CESE

Quel sera le monde du travail à l’horizon 2030 ? Le Conseil économique social et environnemental (CESE) dresse, dans son rapport annuel de l’état de la France en 2014, quatre scénarios de futurs possibles du travail. Focus prospectif du travail de demain.Les quatre scénarios illustrant ces futurs possibles ont été élaborés par la délégation à … Continue reading »

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