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Realistic Indicators of Workplace Safety

by Sandy Naiman Accurately measuring workplace safety may seem easy, but it’s not. Time-loss injury rates and the number of accidents and fatalities during a specific period is an industry standard for measuring safety – with zero as the ultimate goal. In fact, WorkSafe Saskatchewan has set its sights on zero injuries and fatalities with an … Continue reading »

Get a Membership with the BC Forest Safety Council

Owners/Operators – apply to become a member of the BC Forest Safety Council. The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (the Council) was created by the forestry industry in September 2004 as a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting forest safety. Through the efforts of industry, solid progress in reducing serious injuries and fatalities has been made … Continue reading »

10 Winter Driving Tips for BC Log Haulers

For best printing results, use the pdf version attached at the bottom of this article on BC Forest Safety website. 1. Do your pre-trip – all of it. There are enough things that will surprise you during the day without your truck being one of them. Know your equipment – intimately. Be confident it will perform as … Continue reading »

Manitoba Federation of Labour Believes in SAFE Work

Kevin Rebeck, President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour, explains why he and the rest of the organization believe in SAFE Work and the rights of workers.

Federal Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt to Attend National Health and Safety Conference

HAMILTON, ON (October 9, 2012) – With just over two weeks to go until its bi-annual conference, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) announces that Federal Minister of Labour, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, will be attending the CCOHS’ Forum IV: Better Together, to be held October 29 and 30, 2012, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. … Continue reading »

Physical activity and healthy habits in the workplace benefit workers, employers

Physical activity and healthy habits in the workplace benefit workers, employers HAMILTON, ON (October 3, 2012) – With memories of fun-filled summer vacations fading away, fall typically ushers in a ‘back to business’ mentality in the workplace and in the home. With it, comes shorter days of sunshine, longer days of work, less time for physical … Continue reading »

Measuring Safety Excellence: A Practical Framework

What one measurement would provide the greatest insight and facilitate performance and cultural transformation? By Shawn M. Galloway Oct 01, 2012 Hearing the scores before watching Olympic competitions provides an interesting perspective. Being in the United States at the time of the London 2012 Olympics, the results are known hours before the events are broadcasted. Viewers … Continue reading »

Helping workers with back pain get back to work

Medical advice on staying active can have a positive affect on workers who are on medical leave due to  lower back pain, a new study finds. In fact, recovery from nonspecific lower back pain can be delayed if people avoid activity, according to researchers Dr. Marc Du Bois and Peter Donceel, at KU Leuven, a university in … Continue reading »

Safer and Healthier at Any Age: Strategies for an Aging Workforce

Profound changes continue to unfold in the American workforce as Baby Boomers—Americans born between 1945 and 1964—swell the ranks of our workplaces. This has led many employers to fear the possibilities of negative impacts associated with this demographic trend.  On one hand, they are concerned that having age-gifted workers on the job may mean escalating … Continue reading »

Ontario Brings More Clean Solar Power Online, Creates Jobs

New Rooftop Solar Project Will Power 120 Homes Ontario’s newest rooftop solar installation is bringing more clean electricity online while creating good jobs for families. The rooftop solar project at Jamieson Laboratories’ manufacturing plant in Windsor is one of the largest rooftop solar projects to come online since Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff program was introduced. The project, to … Continue reading »

Do You Have Safety With-it-ness?

Having safety with-it-ness means we actively look for transition situations, knowing that there is added danger in these times. Continue reading »

McGuinty Government Takes Next Steps in Elimination of Coal-Fired Generation

Ontario is moving forward with the conversion of the Atikokan Generating Station from coal to biomass, creating 200 construction jobs and helping to protect existing jobs at the plant. The conversion is the first of its kind in the province. The project will create new economic opportunities for Ontario’s forestry sector, which will provide the … Continue reading »

Available Download (Podcast): Exploring Psychosocial Issues in the Workplace

Dr. Kevin Kelloway, the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia explains what  positive psychology is and how it relates to workplace stress. Released: June 22, 2012 File Size: 15.7 MB Length: 16:09 min Visit CCOHS to download/listen